Welcome to Only One More Page.

love to read. I was that kid whose parents had to take away their book at night so they would sleep.

I will read just about anything if it sounds interesting.  I grew up reading science fiction/fantasy (because that’s what my dad read) and romance (because that’s what my mom read) but I also enjoy contemporary fiction and crime/mystery.  You’ll find reviews for just about everything here.  I absolutely refuse to read the Outlander series or the Game of Thrones series until they are done.  I got caught in that trap with Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series – what was suppose to be a six book series ended up having a dozen or so books and he passed away while writing them.  So I’ll just wait until the series is complete and then I’ll binge-read the entire thing.

I don’t use star ratings on my blog (I will on Amazon and Goodreads, just not here).  My explanation for why can be found here.  I will tell you what I loved about a book and what I didn’t. I will tell you if it’s a personal hangup and what may impact other readers.  I will tell you what drew me in and what made it difficult to pick it back up if I put it down.  Most importantly, I’m going to tell you why.

If you are an author looking for a review, please feel free to contact me; I would love the opportunity to review your book.

All reviews reflect my own opinion of the story and are in no way influenced by the publisher or author.  While I reserve the right to refuse a book without providing a reason, I will do my best to give one.