~☆Review☆~ Rebel by Rebecca Yarros

REBEL the third standalone in Rebecca Yarros’s Renegade series is
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Review: Irresistible You by Kate Meader



In Irresistible You, Kate Meader takes on the world of hockey.  In standard Meader style, she has included a twist, the team owners are women.  In a final act of defiance, Harper Chase’s father leaves the Chicago Rebels to her, and her two half-sisters.  He never believed she was up to the challenge of running a pro-team.  Though Chase viewed this as punishment for Harper, he actually did the best thing for her ever – he gave her a family.  Don’t get me wrong, the sisters have a rocky road and they are only getting started.  This relationship is really at the core of this series and I look forward to seeing it play out.  I was originally in this for the hot hockey players, but I stayed for the great dynamics and watching a trio of powerful women take on the establishment.


Review: Fly Away With Me by Susan Fox


Fly Away with Me


REVIEW:  Sometimes you need a book that is a little slower.  A little more involved.  A little less 100 miles an hour to the HEA and then done.  Susan Fox’s latest and the start of her Blue Moon Harbor series, Fly Away With Me, is such a book.  Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of action and an underlying mystery that keep readers turning pages; the overall pace is just slower.  Perfect for a summer afternoon lazing by the pool (or in the air conditioning).  Aaron and Eden are fully developed characters and the world surrounding them is unpredictable.  Together they face challenges and heartache, but come out so much stronger.  I really enjoyed spending time in this new world Fox has created.  I can’t wait for the next installments of this series.


For more information about Susan and the series:  http://susanlyons.ca/books/fly_away_info.php

For stops on her blog tour:  http://susanlyons.ca/events.php

~☆Review☆~ Love on the Cape by MK Meredith

Love on the cape

Love on the Cape is a sweet and sexy story about two people in desperate need of finding redemption from their pasts and too afraid to trust what they’re feeling in the present. It’s packed full of emotion from the first page to the last. Big, fat, ugly crying, tears of emotion. It could also have been that I hadn’t slept in 22 hours and was feeling a little emotional anyway, but whatever. 

I loved the conflict between Ryker and Larkin – MK sets it up almost immediately and the reader is able to see where it’s going to go. Even knowing what their challenge is going to be there’s still enough tension, enough push and pull, to keep the reader engaged and eager to see where the characters will take it. There are great secondary characters and I can wait for them all to get their HEAs.

If you like sweet, contemporary romance with a just enough sizzle to make you your insides flutter, visit The Cape.