Making Waves: Review

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Making Waves, the first Beach Lane book by Laura Moore, is a fall/winter book.  It would have been weird to read in spring, except I live in the Rockies and spring often means snowy/rainy gloomy weather.  The timing worked out rather perfectly in that respect.  The season reflects the initial impression of Max Carr, hedge fund billionaire that has just purchased Dakota Hale’s family home and hires her to remodel it.  To say Dakota’s relationship with her family is strained is an understatement.  Her mother is self-absorbed; her grandparents and aunt downright hostile.  Her willingness to remodel the family home certainly doesn’t help matters.

This is really Dakota’s book, though a significant portion of her growth comes from her interactions with Max.  Max himself is not unchanged by their relationship.  They quickly find they are better together than they are apart, though the lesson takes a while to sink in.

I really enjoyed this book.  At times I felt like I could know some of the secondary characters better, but that didn’t diminish my love for Dakota and Max.  This is a great read for a hot cup of tea and a warm fire.  I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.



Mitus TouchShe’s desperate for the one man she must avoid at all costs…

Wealth manager Brigit Farnay despises Colton Mitus. And with good reason. He ripped away her family’s company during the most painful time in her life. Forced to work with him, she can’t deny that Colton is gorgeous, brilliant, commanding. And the enemy. Her traitorous body craves his touch every moment of every day. And then she finds out about the erotic games he plays… Continue reading

~☆Review☆~ Twist by Kylie Scott


From New York Times bestselling author Kylie Scott comes the second sizzling stand-alone novel in the Dive Bar series!

When his younger brother loses interest in online dating, hot bearded bartender Joe Collins only intends to log into his account and shut it down. Until he reads about her.

Alex Parks is funny, fascinating, and pretty much everything he’s been looking for in a woman—except that she lives across the country. Soon they’re emailing up a storm and telling each other their deepest, darkest secrets…except the one that really matters.

When Alex pays Joe a surprise visit, however, they both discover that when it comes to love, it’s always better with a twist. Continue reading

Review: Hot on Ice



Hockey is my sport.  I came to it honestly as college social experiences revolved around the Division I hockey team – what else was there to do on a Friday night?  At a small DI school you interacted frequently with the players.  They were classmates and friends.  Also as a DI hockey school it was a huge part of non-academic learning.  I can still remember a class hockey game.  The 5 hockey players used it for practice, the majority of the rest of us were just trying to keep our feet on skates.  What I learned through those interactions was that these were the nicest guys you will ever meet:  off the ice.  They were respectful, honest, caring, and involved in their local community, not to mention most of them were pretty hot.  In other words, the perfect romance hero.  Thankfully, I’m not the only one that has noticed this and hockey romances are somewhat easier to find these days.  My new favorite is the Hot on Ice anthology.  This amazing collection of eighteen individual novels is authored by some of my favorites, including Kimberly Kincaid, Avery Flynn, Kate Meader, Angi Morgan, and others.  To make it even more enticing, 20% of the proceeds benefit the Homes for Troops charity.  The stories are all centered around the New Orleans Rage, the cup winning hockey team.  Did I mention it is also $.99.  If you are a fan of hockey romance this is a must read.