~☆Review☆~ Love on the Cape by MK Meredith

Love on the cape

Love on the Cape is a sweet and sexy story about two people in desperate need of finding redemption from their pasts and too afraid to trust what they’re feeling in the present. It’s packed full of emotion from the first page to the last. Big, fat, ugly crying, tears of emotion. It could also have been that I hadn’t slept in 22 hours and was feeling a little emotional anyway, but whatever. 

I loved the conflict between Ryker and Larkin – MK sets it up almost immediately and the reader is able to see where it’s going to go. Even knowing what their challenge is going to be there’s still enough tension, enough push and pull, to keep the reader engaged and eager to see where the characters will take it. There are great secondary characters and I can wait for them all to get their HEAs.

If you like sweet, contemporary romance with a just enough sizzle to make you your insides flutter, visit The Cape.

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