Positively Pippa: Review


Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you figure out what life is really meant to be.  Such is the case for Agrippina “Pippa St. Amor” Turner.  When her life unfairly implodes on national television she does what any self-respecting woman will do:  she goes home.  Home is Ghost Falls, Utah, her grandmother Phi, and Matt (though she doesn’t know it at the time).  As Pippa tries to get her life back on track, Matt tries to become more than just “St. Matt” who gave up everything when his father died.  Funny how they figure out that they can achieve both when they work together.


Witty banter:  check


Susan Elizabeth Phillips type storyline:  check


The promise of more interconnected storylines:  check


Future visits to Ghost Falls:  Priceless



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