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Taking The Lead

by Cecilia Tan

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If you’ve read one erotic romance, you’ve pretty much read them all.  Sure, the sexy scenes vary and change, the plot is different, but ultimately they’re all similar. So instead of waxing eloquently on about how hot Taking The Lead is, I’d like to focus on what sets it apart from all the other erotic romance. What makes me recommend it, other than “it’s a good read”?

For me, Taking The Lead explores a topic I’ve discussed with many of my girlfriends on more than one occasion – being a strong-willed woman in a position of authority in every day life and the juxtaposition of NOT wanting to be a strong-willed woman in a position of authority in the bedroom.  The conflict that comes from our public persona and our private desires. How does a woman reconcile that conflict emotionally? 

Cecilia Tan does a wonderful job exploring those issues through Ricki. Billionaire heiress. Head of an exclusive BDSM club. Tormented by the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death and the fear it has instilled in her from childhood. She finds fulfillment like she’s never known with Axel, but her physical desires and her emotional desires are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Can she reconcile who she thinks she needs to be with who she wants to be?

So that’s what sets Taking The Lead apart, for me at least. It’s more than just another steamy, erotic romance. It’s an emotional and psychological examination of being a feminist with also being sexually submissive. Who would have thought?


When the rich and famous come out to play, nothing is off-limits . . .

Everyone knows Ricki Hamilton as the icy heiress living in a billion-dollar mansion, high up in the Hollywood Hills. But few realize that behind the gilded gates, Ricki is the mistress of LA’s most exclusive private club. A place where no fantasy is forbidden and no one goes unsatisfied-except for Ricki. If she had her way, she’d leave the business behind . . . until she meets the one man with the power to change her mind.

The hottest rock star in the world, Axel Hawke, has the requisite sexy look and bad-boy reputation. Yet even his biggest fans have no clue just how decadently dangerous he can be. From the moment he meets Ricki, he knows there is no other woman who will satisfy him. He can feel the heat hiding beneath her cool demeanor and he’s determined to stoke her flame.

Together Ricki and Axel indulge their every desire. The deeper they go, the more she craves. Submitting to Axel opens her eyes, and for the first time Ricki knows exactly what she wants. All she has to do is take it . . .

About Cecilia Tan

Cecilia Tan is “simply one of the most important writers, editors, and innovators in contemporary American erotic literature,” according to Susie Bright. RT Magazine awarded her Career Achievement in Erotic Romance in 2015 and their prestigious Pioneer Award. Tan’s BDSM romance novel Slow Surrender (Hachette/Forever, 2013) also won the RT Reviewers Choice Award in Erotic Romance and the Maggie Award for Excellence from the Georgia Romance Writers chapter of RWA. She lives in the Boston area with her lifelong partner corwin and three cats.

Find Cecilia Tan Online: Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter

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