Vote For Me! – to get published

Hello everyone!  I hope you can help me. In addition to being an avid reader, I am also an aspiring romance author.

Online Book Club is hosting a contest for unpublished indie authors and I have entered.  It is based purely on number of votes, so I’m asking for your help!

Please vote for me and help me take advantage of this awesome opportunity.  You can vote for me HERE!

♥ Thank you! 


Stitched Up Heart

Someone has decided Dr. Bree Marks is worth killing for.

When Bree, an Air Force veteran and physical therapist, catches her fiancé in her bed with another woman, she decides she has better things to do than feel sorry for herself. Jase Larken, ends up being something better – at least for one night. Hoping to avoid the awkward morning-after a one-night stand, Bree takes off before the sun is barely up; only to run into Jase a few weeks later when she visits a non-profit company for one of her combat veteran patients. Now Jase isn’t giving Bree a chance to run again.

Each is torn by events from their past. Bree hopes helping wounded warriors recover from their injuries can assuage the guilt she feels for the teammates she couldn’t save in combat.  Jase is wracked by guilt over his best friend’s suicide and hopes helping other veterans overcome PTSD can make things right.

The bodies of Bree’s ex-fiancé mistresses are piling up. Is someone avenging her honor or killing the competition?  Jase and Bree’s desire to help others brings them together, but will their passion for each other be enough to overcome their demons before someone’s obsession with Bree destroys any chance they have?

Stitched Up Heart portrays the reality of issues many combat veterans face while adding just the right amount of suspense & a dash of humor. I’ve drawn from my own experience & those of my battle buddies.


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