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The Bellator Saga by Cecilia London

The Bellator Saga is a six part series. Each part is a full length novel between 60,000-120,000 words and ends in a cliffhanger. For readers 18+. This saga contains adult situations, including non-gratuitous violence, explicit (consensual) sex, psychological and physical trauma, and an oftentimes dark and gritty plot (particularly in part two).

Book 3 Sojourn – Out Now!

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Haunted by her experience at The Fed, Caroline tries to create a new identity. A new present, a new future. She can’t escape the memories that dog her when she least expects it, leaving her mired in a depression that she finds difficult to escape. Caroline needs to regain her physical and mental strength if she intends on surviving the journey to find the elusive rebellion. But that’s easier said than done with the ghosts of the past constantly whispering in her ear.

The road is long and dangerous, and there are no guarantees. She and her companions have no idea what they will find when they arrive at their destination. And what they finally discover may change everything.

Part Three of a Six Part Saga. Sojourn (approximately 90,000 words) is not a standalone and must be read after the first two books in the series. Ends in a cliffhanger. For readers 18+. This book contains adult situations including explicit sex and violence.


Caroline felt soft lips against her cheek. A sweet voice in her ear.“Hello, sweetheart.”She curled in closer to the voice and was greeted by a hard, muscular chest. Two strong arms came around her shoulders.Jack chuckled. “You don’t know what it does to a man when he walks into his bedroom and sees his wife sprawled out on the bed wearing nothing but a blouse and a garter belt.”“Tired,” she mumbled. “Took a nap.”His hands moved down her body. “Managed to take off your skirt, though.”She’d come home after a hectic morning at one of her field offices. Early July meant constituent families would visit her with their kids in tow to give them a lesson in democracy. Caroline thought it was cute, though it did make her miss Marguerite and Sophie. After a few meetings she’d come home intending to take the shortest of breaks before preparing for the next morning’s House session.“Meant to get to the rest of my clothes after I rested my eyes for a minute,” she said.

Jack chuckled again, nuzzling her cheek. “You failed.”

Her husband was in Pennsylvania campaigning. Why was he in her bed? “Is this a dream?”

“No. If it is, the black hose and matching bra are a nice touch,” he said, starting to unbutton her blouse. “We’ll have to work on a French maid outfit for next time.”

“Didn’t think about it. It’s what I wore to work.”

His fingers trailed down her stomach, toward her belly button. They drifted over her garter belt. “Why did you wear this today?”

“It reminds me of you.”

He withdrew his hands. “You did think about it.”

Caroline fell into his arms again, half asleep. “Don’t know.”

Jack kissed her neck, casually palming one of her breasts. “I’ve missed you,” he whispered. “I want you.”

She was trying to picture what she must look like half undressed and drowsy as hell. “My laziness turns you on?” she asked, trying to open her eyes.

“You call it laziness, I call it consideration. Next time you can get completely naked and I won’t mind.”

She had to be dreaming. “What are you doing here?”

“This week has been hell. Being in hotel rooms, sleeping alone, wishing you were there beside me…I wanted to see you.”

“You have a campaign to attend to.”

“I have my job here in Washington, too. And a woman I love, who needs me.” He snaked his fingers down her body, inching closer to her panty line. “I’ve missed this. It’s been too long, baby.”

She blinked and saw him lying next to her. “You really are here.”

Jack smiled. “You thought it was a dream?”

She spent half her time whether asleep or awake thinking about him and his magic hands. And tongue. And other things. “I can never be sure.”

“Do you have a lot of dreams about me coming into our bedroom and ravishing you in your sleep?”

Oh, the stories she could tell. “A lady reveals nothing,” she said softly. “But since I’m not a lady, I’ll tell you that yes, I dream about it all the time.”

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Catch up on The Bellator Saga!

Dissident – Book 1 – On Sale for 0.99 cent!

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What would you do for love of country?

In a new America where almost no one can be trusted, Caroline G
erard lies unconscious in a government hospital as others decide her fate. She is a political dissident, wanted for questioning by a brutal regime that has come to power. As she recovers from her injuries, all she has are her memories of a rich and beautiful past.

What does it take to heal a broken heart?

As Caroline clings to life her thoughts drift to before the regime, when she was a rising star in the House of Representatives, widowed, and raising two precocious children. She remembers her unexpected attraction to fellow politician (and known playboy) Jack McIntyre. Jack captures her attention with his rakish grin, disarming attitude, and dry wit, and soon their friendship blossoms into much more.

Who can you trust?

Under the new political system, Caroline doesn’t know what to believe, even her own vivid memories. Is the life she led real, or just a mirage? Is Jack truly the one to help her move on? Or are they just pawns in a political power play?

The Bellator Saga is a six part series. Each full length novel ends in a cliffhanger. For readers 18+. This saga contains adult situations, including non-gratuitous violence, explicit (consensual) sex, psychological and physical trauma, and an oftentimes dark and gritty plot.


Jack cradled her head in his hands and kissed her hard, his tongue expertly finding hers. He turned her around until she was up against the wall and kissed her until she could barely take it anymore. She was frantically grabbing at his shirt, his tie, his suspenders. Pawing at his back and neck, anything she could hold on to in order to bring him closer to her. He spread her legs apart with his knee and leaned into her, taking his cue. She grabbed his ass and pushed herself into him until he unexpectedly pulled back.

“I’m sorry,” he said breathlessly. “I promised you that I’d ask before I kissed you again.”

Caroline was having a hard time concentrating. “I – what?”

“I said I’d-”

“I heard you.” Her mind came back into focus. “We kissed right before we left for the fundraiser. Don’t you remember?”

“I do. And you were the one who kissed me. Remember?”

Now you’re concerned about propriety? After everything you just did to me?”

Jack eyed her up and down. “Yes.”

Caroline grabbed his tie. “Oh, shut up and put your tongue back in my mouth.”

Jack kissed her again as she began to loosen his tie. She was groping at his shirt; her hands were shaking and she was having tremendous difficulty keeping them still long enough to undo the small buttons.

She broke their kiss. “Damn it. Why the fuck is your shirt so complicated?”

“Such coarse language from such a beautiful lady. You can rip it off if you want.”

Caroline fumbled with the buttons. “Like I’m going to ruin an expensive piece of clothing. Screw it.” She trailed her fingers up his neck and through his hair before pulling him closer to her. “I’ll figure it out later.”

His suspenders were much easier to pull down. Caroline could feel his smooth muscles through his dress shirt as they exchanged long, delicious kisses. She moaned against Jack’s mouth and he stepped back from their embrace. He unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall to the floor, then pulled his white undershirt over his head with ease.

Caroline gaped at his chest and arms. He worked out. A lot. She was trying to figure out when he found the time to do it. He was arguably the best looking man in his forties she’d ever seen. She trailed a finger down his abdomen.

“You should have taken your shirt off months ago,” she said. “I would have slept with you so much sooner.”

“That’s what I like to hear.” He pushed her against the wall again. She wrapped her leg around him, pulling him even closer.

“Stop talking,” Caroline said, still distracted.

“Someone’s pretty bossy.” Jack brought his mouth to hers. “And eager. I wonder what for.”

She could feel his cock, hard as a rock, against her hip. Even through his pants she could sense his size, and she gasped.

He pulled back from her. “Do you want me to stop?”

She giggled softly. “No. But I discovered that you aren’t compensating for anything with your giant house and fancy cars.”

☆¸.•*¨*★☆ *¨*•.¸☆¸.•*¨*☆★*¨*•.¸☆

Conscience – Book 2 – On Sale for $1.99

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An escape plan foiled….

A determined woman….

One last tiny sliver of hope….

Jack will find me.

The Fed wants answers. And Caroline is determined not to provide them. They pull out all the stops, testing her sanity, testing her strength, testing her humanity.

Jack will find me.

Subject to cruel and merciless treatment at the hands of a government she once trusted, Caroline clings to her sole lifeline, her only chance at maintaining her tenuous hold on reality: her memories of her husband, Jack, her children, Marguerite and Sophie, and the friends who mean the world to her.

Jack will find me.

But what happens when hope starts to fade? How long until her interrogators cross over into the unspeakable sadism she fears ? How long before she finally breaks apart?

Part Two of a Six Part Saga. Conscience (approximately 120,000 words) is not a standalone and must be read after the first book, Dissident.


They were walking down the empty hall to the ballroom when Jack spun her up against the wall. “When we get back to our room I’m going to fuck you so hard you’re going to feel me with every move you make tomorrow,” he whispered into her hair.

She laughed lightly. “Perverted old man. Saying something like that right before I’m going to give a speech.”

“Just giving you something to think about,” he said. “If I wasn’t concerned about hidden cameras in the elevators I’d stop between floors and fuck you there too.”

“I’d do it if I didn’t think it would give those damn pundits and misogynistic male bloggers something else to leer over. And it may not be very gubernatorial,” she said. “I’m trying to be more of a lady. It doesn’t seem very ladylike to let you rip off my panties and have your way with me inside an elevator car.”

Jack laughed. “Says you.”

He pressed his hands against her backside, rubbing his palms against the soft material of her dress. Caroline knew what kind of mood he was in.

“Naughty girls get spanked,” he said in a low voice.

She smiled seductively and tugged on his tie. “Don’t make promises you won’t keep.”

“You know I’m good for it,” he breathed, squeezing her ass.

He wasn’t lying. He always followed through on what he promised in bed, as long as they both consented to it. If he was true to his word, Caroline would have a very uncomfortable flight back to Philadelphia the next day. But it would be worth it. She got excited thinking about what the rest of the evening might bring.

She brought her lips close to his. “If the public only knew, Mr. McIntyre. The dirty, nasty things you do to your wife when you know for certain that no one else is around.”

“They’re almost always at Mrs. McIntyre’s request,” Jack said, kissing her softly. “Even if they’re borderline illegal in some states. I live to make her happy.”

“I know you do,” Caroline whispered.

She wrapped one of her legs around him subtly so that no one else could see. One of her more effective tricks. She pressed up against his hip and kissed him, feeling him start to get hard.

“You’re not playing fair,” Jack said against her mouth.

“That’s what you get for distracting me,” she said silkily. “Now you’ve got something to focus on for the rest of the night. I’m going to be very, very bad. Be ready.”

He reluctantly slid his hands off her ass. “I’m always ready.”

Caroline heard voices nearby and practically jumped away from him. “I’ll see you in the ballroom, Jack,” she said in a loud singsong voice. She turned around and winked at him before striding down the hall, leaving him with a dazed grin on his face.

☆¸.•*¨*★☆ *¨*•.¸☆¸.•*¨*☆★*¨*•.¸☆


About Cecilia London

Cecilia London is my pen name. I am a native Midwesterner who is now determined to help Keep San Antonio Lame. I have been known to dabble in the practice of law. I can apply Simpsonsquotes to everyday life, and I live for baseball season.

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