Under the Surface (Love Is Not Enough #2) by Jaye Cox

Under the Surface by Jaye Cox

Under the Surface
by Jaye Cox

***ARC provided by the author in return for an honest review***

Amazon description: 

Traumatised and screwed up, hard ass Ruby Sinclair never stays too long in one place, never letting anyone get too close. Always running to the only protection she knows –her brother. But a chance meeting with Dex, changes everything.

Dex has inner demons that torment him constantly. It’s meant to be just for the night; the last thing he expected is a tattooed beauty oozing sex appeal to leave him breathless. Once he’s had a taste of her, will he be able to stop?

With an undeniable sexual attraction that devours them, neither one wants more, but both don’t want anything less.

When push comes to shove, will either of them give an inch?

Can he teach me to trust again?

Could she teach me to love again?

They were destined to cross paths… Because sometimes when two broken people come together, they can once again become whole.

My take:

Under the Surface is the second book in Jaye Cox’s Love Is Not Enough series and the second book she’s published.  This is a decent novel for a novice writer.  The story elements are unique as both Ruby and Dex fight demons from their past – Dex’s in the form of a memory he can’t let go and Ruby’s in the form of a childhood abuser.  They manage to overcome their pasts and build a relationship despite the mistakes they each make.  I enjoyed the conflict and the romance between Ruby and Dex.

Stylistically, I’m not sure where I stand. As an Aussie, Jaye writes in UK (or the Queen’s) English, which could throw some readers for a loop. Having lived in Australia, this didn’t bother me.  However, this is the second book I’ve read from an English/Aussie author where the first person narrative was almost a stream of consciousness.  It definitely personalized the characters, but some of the narratives were so long they became repetitive.  I think I would have enjoyed the story more had there been more dialogue (show) and less inner monologue (tell).

Overall Under the Surface is a good story and a very decent second novel.  I think as the author writes more and finds her flow, she’ll be one to keep on your TBR shelf.

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