‘Beneath’ series by Meghan March

I managed to read all four books in this series in about 24 hours, give or take.  I started Beneath This Mask around 8 o’clock while lying with one of my twins as he fell asleep (he just had his tonsils out and is a little clingy at the moment); NOT reading the book I was supposed to be reading for review because it’s a paperback and the lights were out.  A few hours later, my son is asleep and I’m telling myself I’ll just read a few pages of Beneath This Ink.  I finally forced myself to quit around 4 am when I was 30% of the way through Beneath These Chains.

This was my first introduction to Meghan March and I’m seriously kind of pissed that I only just found her as an author. Her writing is clean, flows well, and is engaging – as proven by my reading binge. It’s absolutely ridiculous when you consider she’s a fairly new (published) author.  All the characters are well developed, none of them are perfect, and each of them has very relatable faults.  Even the minor characters who are only mentioned and rarely ever make an actual appearance in the stories. Each story is told in the first person narrative jumping between the hero’s and the heroine’s perspective. This allows the reader to gain insight into the characters you normally might not get from a third person narrative.

Each book contains plenty of badass alpha-male/sassy heroine flirtation, steamy sex, emotional conflict, and just enough mystery and intrigue to make these your not-so-ordinary contemporary romances. Each can be read as a stand alone book, but why would you want to do that?

Fans of Kristen Ashley, Joanna Wylde, and River Savage need to add Meghan March to their bookshelves if they haven’t done so yet.

BTMBeneath This Mask:

In a reversal of character roles the hero, Simon Duchesne, is the ‘good guy’ while the heroine, Charlie Stone, is the bad girl. But ‘good guy’ doesn’t mean ‘nice guy’. Simon is no push over. He’s still an alpha male and doesn’t put up with any of Charlie’s crap. It definitely makes for an interesting dynamic.

BTIBeneath This Ink:

Constantine “Con” Leahy, inked up, former SPEC OPS bad boy and Vanessa Frost, high society princess, had one hot fling two years ago – one Vanessa can’t forget and one Con can’t remember. When Vanessa needs Con to do her a favor, Con offers her a deal Vanessa has not choice but to accept…not that she really wants to refuse.

BTCBeneath These Chains:

Elle needs a job and has decided that Lord’s pawn shop is where she wants to work; never mind Lord tells her no. Sparks soon fly (why wouldn’t they) between independent Elle and take-charge Lord. When someone starts killing people who have crossed paths with them, suspicion falls on them both.

BTSBeneath These Scars:

Lucas Titan, bad boy extraordinaire, is used to getting what he wants. Yve Santos does no man’s bidding.  When Yve’s abusive ex is released from prison she has little choice but to accept the help Lucas offers her.

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